Election Day

November 3, 2020


#ionosphere #earthvibe

It’s currently 7:27 AM MST (gmt-7)

The United States and the rest of North America and the world are waking up to a day we’ve been preparing for. The federal election.

The timeline is solidifying.

Yesterday we spent in prayer as we cleaned our home and prepared ourselves.

Today I am pleased to see quiet Schumann resonance because we can see how the day will change. We will feel it when we are awake. A great experiment of collective conscious connection.

I welcome in the divine light of truth and justice. I welcome in the compassionate love to the hearts of the people. I welcome in serenity to the adrenals of the nation. Planet Earth felt dreamy and sparkly this morning, may that energy surround us.

I welcome in the money we need to pay our rent this month, I welcome in healing for my mind, body, and spirit.

I welcome in friendly support.

Much love to all of you holding the field in a high loving place today. I will be with you. 🌹✨🌞

I love this planet and I strive to inspire the people on it to step into their role and conscious voters of how this world makes it’s moves.

We are divine sovereign neighbors of Earth and we love and respect you, and we remove you from harm.


Alexis of @ascensiondiaries


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